Cyclers on the road at the lake
The famous Bronze Age pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen

Feel the spell of the Lake

Cycle along the shore of Lake Constance. Modern 21-gear bikes are available to our guests at a low fee.

We'd love to suggest where to go on a bike tour.

Athletic possibilities

  • Tennis in the club nearby
  • Horse riding the "Bodenseereiter" (Radolfzell's riding stable)
  • Canoeing with the ArtVilla's canoe or kayaks
  • Hiking tours

Art and culture in the region

For information please use the hotel's library.

Vacation with children

  • Affenberg Salem (Salem monkey mountain)
    Be "up close and personal" with the Berber monkeys – no fences or ditches to separate you from the animals.
    Affenberg Salem's website
  • Allensbach Amusement park
    A park for the whole family with numerous possibilities to play or to frolic about and enjoy a small petting zoo.
    Amusement park's website
  • Open-air museum Neuhausen ob Eck
    History comes to life here.
    Open-air museum's website
  • Connyland (Switzerland)
    A big amusement park at Lake Constance with many shows and attractions – just like Disney World.
    Connyland's website
  • Unteruhldingen Lake Dwelling Museum
    The Lake Dwellings of the Stone and Bronze Age (4.000 to 850 BC) are reawakening at Lake Constance in Unteruhldingen.
    Lake Dwelling Museum's website
  • Unteruhldingen Reptile House
    A very different zoo. Here the visitor can find snakes, lizards, tortoises or turtles, spiders and many other exotic animals.
    Reptile House's website
  • Theme park Ravensburger Spieleland
    The world's largest playground.
    Ravensburger Spieleland's website

Short trips by car

(Approximate distance by car to each destination in minutes)

  • Stein am Rhein (Switzerland) – 15 min
    Old town, monastery, castle
  • Reichenau Island with different monasteries – 20 min
    (UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Konstanz – 25 min
  • Mainau Island (flower park) – 25 min
  • Überlingen, Birnau (church) – 25 min
  • Schaffhausen, Rhinefall (Switzerland) – 25 min
  • Meersburg – 35 min
  • St. Gallen (Switzerland) – 45 min
  • Zurich (Switzerland) – 60 min
  • Bregenz (Austria) – 60 min
  • Lindau – 60 min