Sculptures in the backyard of the ArtVilla
Radolfzell's cathedral, viewed from the lake
The backyard of the ArtVilla offers you a relaxing afternoon

The southern Lake, our Ā»littleĀ« jewel

A haven of silence in the furthest southern part of Germany, right at the shore of Lake Constance, will become a love at first sight.

Aerial photo of the Mettnau Peninsula with Artvilla marked (Photo: Petek)

At what probably is the most beautiful part of Lake Constance, on the Mettnau Peninsula right at the water, is the ArtVilla.

From here discover the beauty of the Lake Constance region and visit the towns of Radolfzell and Konstanz and enjoy the gastronomy of the area. The landscape invites exercise, be it jogging, cycling or golfing.

Directions to drive to the ArtVilla (map)